Desktop as a Service pricing


Additional 8% to 33% pricing discount on half yearly and yearly subscriptions.

DAAS Plan Shared Multi User Dedicated Dedicated
Storage Space (Per User) 4GB
4 GB (User Profile)
20GB (Total for all users)

22 GB
22 GB
Shared Drive (Each User) 1GB 1GB 4 GB
Install any Software No Yes Yes
Administrator access No Yes Yes
DAAS Pricing Begins at $14

Average price of $14.5

From $21

Setup fee (One time) $4 $ 4 $ 4
Buy Desktop As a Service  – or –  Try DAAS free
Difference Private Desktop Private Desktop for all your users using single Dedicated Server Private Desktop with individual Operating System for each user
Pricing listed is monthly cost in US $ per desktop for Hosted Desktops in default locations / USA accessible from anywhere in the world, through internet connection. Please contact support for prices in other locations.

 Windows is installed on the 22GB Drive.

Desktop as a Service common features:

RDP Access Over 35 Applications pre installed
Access from Cell phone devices like Android, iPhone & iPad, Windows Mobile,

 computer PC, Mac, Linux, Thin Clients, etc.

Eazy to use
Applications can continue to run even after you disconnect Dedicated Public IP address
Super Fast Setup Minimal bandwidth required
Printer Support Optimized with Remote FX
Cloud Drive + FTP for upload & download Local Time display
Customize Desktop look, login hours, etc Many Data Centre across the world
RAID Drives Certified Data Centres
Frequent Backups 99.99% Uptime


Desktops as a Service (DaaS) free Softwares installed:

Browsers: Opera, Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer (IE)

Documents: Open Office / Star Suite, WordPad & Notepad

Email Client: Windows Live Mail & Thunderbird

Zip: Default Compress, 7-Zip (.zip, .iso, tar, .rar)

FTP: FileZilla client & Windows FTP server, File Explorer

PDF: PDF Writer & Acrobat Reader

Videos: VLC & Windows Media Player, YouTube Link

Edit Images: MS Paint, Snipping Tool for taking screen shots, Steps Capture to make documents

Socialise: GTalk, Yahoo, Skype / MSN, AOL, Twitter & Facebook Links

Other: Remote Desktop Connection, Calculator, Narrator (Text to speech) & On Screen Keyboard.

Note: If you do not require any of the applications on the desktop, then you can request for it and we can take off the software for you.


Install own Applications: Quick Books, VPN, Sage Act, IP SWITCH or any other software can be installed on Dedicated plans.


Microsoft Office Std. for $15pm pricing: Microsoft Word 2013, Excel, Outlook + Business Contact Manager, Publisher, PowerPoint and OneNote.
Microsoft Office Prof. at $20pm pricing: All Microsoft Office Std. Apps + Microsoft Access, Lync and InfoPath.
Office 2013 is provided by default. Microsoft Office 2010 or 2007 can also be provided on request, though Office 2013 can edit the older version files and save them also into older versions when required.


$5 Cashback on monthly plans.

$15 Cashback on 6 or 12 month subscriptions.

Coupon code valid only for today!

Use Code - BUYNOW15 on the Buy Now page in the custom requests box.

* Cashback is applied for the first month of first dedicated virtual desktop plan subscription of new customers, in the second month for active desktop subscriptions.