Desktop As A Service

Online virtual cloud hosted remote desktops with the lowest Windows DAAS pricing of $ 14.

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Desktop As A Service

What is Desktop As A Service or DAAS?

DAAS is the abbreviation for Desktop As A Service. The world has become competitive and new technologies to make desktops cheaper and easier to manage has evolved. Using our Desktops as a Service offering you will be able to access a windows desktop hosted securely on the internet using a Cell Phone, PC, Mac, Thin Client, etc. You don’t have to worry any longer about backups, updates, upgrades, licenses and 24/7/365 desktop availability. Its simple and easy to get started. You don’t need to be at office any longer just because your work PC cant travel with you. When you cant reach office, your PC can reach you. There are many benefits of using this technology. You may offload resource intensive tasks to your cloud desktop or vice versa.

Desktop as a Service Pricing:

Our cloud based windows DAAS pricing is the lowest in the industry. Support for your questions is available round the clock. Customizations to the desktops are also possible, some of them at no extra cost. You get lower pricing if you have your own licenses & have a bulk requirement. There is no minimum desktop signup requirement and you can pay on a month to month basis and can cancel anytime. View our Desktop as a Service pricing.

Desktop as a Service Providers:

We are a leading provider of Desktops as a Service using Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services on HyperV and VMware. We use reliable hardware like Cisco, Dell servers and multiple major ISP providers including Verizon. We provide our service to users across USA (United States of America), UK (United Kingdom), Europe, Africa, Middle East, China, Australia, India and many more region and countries. We even offer desktop in regional languages. Most users come to our site through Google. Our desktops are used for personal and commercial use. Its also for developer, home, official and retail use. Buy now from the best DAAS Desktop as a Service provider.