Listed below is some of the most common questions to DAAS providers.

What is the DAAS desktop product you are offering?

DAAS is the abbreviation for Desktop as a Service. With our Windows DAAS plans, you get a virtual desktop hosted in a data centre on reliable server grade hardware. Using the free remote desktop applications available, you can access the cloud desktop from any compatible operating system / device including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux, Windows and other devices like thin clients which also support RDP apps.


What is the technology difference between shared (session based) & dedicated DAAS options?

On session based (shared) desktops the most commonly required softwares are pre-installed for use. However, users wont have rights to install additional softwares. Its suitable for those who just need the default apps and  don’t require any other app. This helps reduce DAAS pricing.

If you need to install additional softwares which are not by default provided, or if you require hosted desktops with full administrator privilege, do choose the dedicated option. Even though these plans are a little higher priced compared to the shared plans, we still have the lowest pricing across all service providers based on the configuration.


What is Multi User dedicated desktop?

This option is suitable for those who require more than 1 desktop, need software which is not installed by default and also to reduce cost. With this plan you get a dedicated desktop with administrator access. The difference is that you also get the ability to have additional users logon to this virtual computer using separate login ID’s and password unique to each user. All users can also login and work at the same time. Each user can have their own personal virtual desktop. Thus any application which is not provided by default can be installed using the administrator account and all can use the installed application. You can also choose which login can have administrator access to the desktop. Only one or more than one users can also be given administrative privilege on a dedicated multi user subscription. Using this plan users can be grouped, who use common applications and reduce your monthly cost by not needing to buy individual dedicated DAAS for each employee.


How to copy text or move files between the local device and your DAAS?

You can access, move or copy the files to or from your Remote Desktop by just copy pasting it into, or from the RDP window as you would normally do copy paste. Other options are by using a FTP client as a FTP server is pre-installed on your DAAS, local drive redirection to your RDP connection or by installing any free sync software.


Can I print to a local printer from the Windows DAAS?

Yes, printing to your local printer when accessing the remote desktop from Windows, Mac or any other device or operating system which supports printer redirection is possible without needing to install any software on the cloud desktop.


What happens to my DAAS session, if my local computer or cell phone looses network connectivity or experiences power failure?

The applications you were working on your cloud desktop would continue to run, even after you get disconnected. On re-connecting you can continue working from where you left. So if you were writing an email or editing a file from the internet desktop and your cell phone battery dies and your phone switches off, when you re-connect to your internet desktop either from the same cell phone or another computer, etc, you can continue writing the email or editing the file from where you got disconnected. So you don’t have to start typing all over again.


Can I have a DAAS Desktop as a Service in another language?

We currently offer DAAS desktops in the following languages: Ukrainian, Turkish, Thai, Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian, Slovak, Serbian, Russian, Romanian, Portuguese – Portugal, Portuguese – Brazil, Polish, Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Korean, Japanese, Italian, Hungarian, Hebrew, Greek, German, French, Finnish, Estonian, English – US, English – UK, Dutch, Danish, Czech, Croatian, Chinese – Simplified, Chinese – HK SAR, Bulgarian and Arabic. We also add more languages as they become available. Please contact us if you need DAAS in a language not listed here.


Does the free DAAS trial login have any restrictions set?

The trial account has some restrictions set, to avoid its misuse. The DAAS trial would not allow you to install apps / run executable files, it would log you off every 15 minutes and reset itself on log off, so that the next demo viewer gets a fresh desktop. The free demo is also valid for only limited time period as its meant for testing. However on purchasing a dedicated desktop these restrictions are not set on your account.


What technology do you use to offer DAAS at such low pricing?

We primarily offer pure Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDP) based Windows desktops as the latest technology offers rich HD graphics even on low bandwidth. Citrix Xen App or XenDesktop can also be offered on request and is priced $15 extra per month per desktop. Microsoft DAAS is recommended, as it does not require any client application to be installed as its readily available on most computers / devices. In addition there are many other free RDP clients available that can be used. Our trial account uses the same Microsoft technology that you get when you buy DAAS desktop.


Do you offer Live Chat Support?

We do not offer live chat support unless deemed necessary for troubleshooting. We instead have a 24/7 ticketing system staffed well so that we can provide quick responses. Our average ticket response time is less than 1 hour. This in turn even helps us utilise our staff effectively, thereby reducing our costs and passing the lower price to you.


How fast are the DAAS desktops or whats their configuration?

We have one of the best configurations for Remote Desktops. The lowest pricing with the best resource, security and features configured. The DAAS desktops are hosted in the cloud, with multiple servers powering them. Most of our cloud host servers are powered by powerful Intel Xeon processors which is required for RemoteFX rendering for better RDP access. We also have our data centres  located as close as possible to major network hubs, which helps boost the connectivity speed to the desktops from any part of the world. We also use RAID configured hard drives / SSD drives to provide faster disk access and greater reliability. There are a number of other configurations or technologies used, however these have not been listed to maintain our performance edge over the competition.


How to connect to DAAS from a Windows computer?

Click on Start (Microsoft icon) and then type “mstsc” without the quotes in the Run / Search Window. Enter the server name provided for the DAAS and hit enter. As an alternative, you can also navigate by clicking on Start > All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.


How to login to DAAS from an Android / iPhone / iPad / Windows mobile phone / tablet?

Open Play Store or iTunes store depending on your device and search or install any one of the following applications, unless you have it pre-installed. Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection, 2x RDP free client, ThinStuff RDP or any other RDP client can be installed. Add the server name which is also called as the host name and you are ready to connect. Do feel free to contact Desktop As A Service support if you need assistance with getting started.